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If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to grow our business so fast.

Bunte Waren is a „one woman company“  owned by myself, Sharmin Afroz Khan, that designs and produces natural and sustainably produced bags, backpacks and carpets and decorative items which are all beeing produced in my native country Bangladesh by small family or cooperative owned manufactures in Dhaka. My purpose with this project is to provide decent and fair  jobs and income for people with a low education level so they wouldn’t be obliged to work in one of the infamous sweat shops which produce cheap garments for international clothing companies in Bangladesh.  Knowing that these great products which are made with love and care by talented women and men,  find buyers abroad who appreciate their work and dedication, is a source of pride for these employees.  With the proceeds of the sale of Bunte Waren I support in also a orphan home for street children in Bangladesh.

Which raw material are used for my products ?

Jute and garn (a mixture of cotton and wool) and leather like natural rubber and water proof inside coating made from rice starch and 100% bio cotton.

Do you care about vegan bags and backpacks?

Most, but not all of my products are made entirely with natural plant fibres and plant products. Ask me directly for the selection of pure vegan products.

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We sell very good quality jute products in Switzerland. In addition, we sell the handmade products of Bangladesh. You can buy our products directly.

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